Urdu Lughat [اردو لغت]

A unique resource on Urdu lexicon aimed at providing the worlds first, finest, and the most comprehensive Online Urdu Dictionary with a multitude of features and a strong emphasis on grammatical and lexical accuracy

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Online Inpage to Unicode Text Converter

While we are working on the looks and feels of this site, you can utilize some of the features already made avaiable to public. One such feature is conversion of legacy urdu witings composed in old Inpage Urdu commonly called Inpage 2000, Inpage 2.0 or simplay Inpag. You can upload your inpage file and get a text version immediately.

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How to participate?

No project can be successful without a proper team work. We believe that every single person who reads, speaks, understands or is interested in Urdu language can participate in this project and help us make it the best and single most reliable resource available online.

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Future Plans

We have a lot more in the pipeline and currently under development. Please stay tuned while we bring exciting fetures to fulfill your quest for quality urdu content.

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